If I Want To Be A Soccer Player

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When I’m around my mid 20’s, I would like to be a professional soccer player for the USA women’s soccer league. If I am able to make it to that stage I would have to be in shape and healthy. Also I would need to be able to play outdoors on a soccer field in front of a stadium full of people. The soccer field I would be playing on is 110-120 yards long by 70-80 yards wide. It is 53.3 yards bigger than an American football field.
If I got it to national league soccer I would get paid a minimum of $6,842. If I made it to the major league soccer I would get paid a minimum of $60,000. In sports you get paid differently also. So every time someone buys something that has your name on it you get paid 50% of the profit. so it pushes you to do better
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Or I didn’t make it and kept trying just would accomplish it then I could play lacrosse. Lacrosse is the most similar sport to soccer. There is a filed a goalie and 2 different teams and goals. You have a ball and pass it in the air and catch them with sticks with nets on the end. There are some rules that are the same and some that aren’t. it is just the most similar sport to soccer.
Top 10 Current Best Female Soccer Players in the World are: Nadine Angerer, Lotta Schelin, Homare Sawa, Sydney Leroux, Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, Dzsenifer Marozsán, Carli Lloyd, Marta, Alex Morgan. Alex Morgan is a forward for the Portland Thorns and for the women’s professional team USA. I am playing on a type of the same team she plays on when she isn’t playing with the USA team. I am wanting to be Julie Johnston because she is a great defender and I love defending and she is just everything a you would want for a defender.
I am trying to accomplish my goal by joining a select soccer team. I am joining a select team because they are more competitive and more strict. They also teach you more than non-select. I am practicing as much as I can and enjoy doing it. I go against my bigger brother, I practice juggling, passing, shooting, dribbling, and talking to my teammates. That is how I am going to accomplish trying to become a professional soccer player for the Women’s USA soccer
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