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If you are looking for a Boston hotel to stay at then you should read this review of the Lenox Hotel. The Lenox Hotel is actually one of the nicer hotels in Boston that you can stay at. At the same time, the Lenox Hotel is also one of the cheaper Boston hotels that you can stay at. The average nightly rate for staying at the Leon Hotel in Boston is slightly under $200 a night. The Lenox Hotel is also one of the most conveniently located hotels in Boston. This Boston hotel is located one block away from Copley Square as well as the shops along Newbury Street. The Hynes Convention Center and Trinity Church are also within two blocks. If you 're going to a Red Sox game at Fenway park then you 'll be glad to know that the park is within one …show more content…

I recently stayed at the Denver Warwick hotel for a business meeting and was very pleased with the entire experience! I will start off and mention the small gripes I have, one of which is how far this place is from the airport. I suppose that is to be expected since it is in Downtown Denver, and Colorado is definitely a "vast" area (this was my first visit out there...) but the $65 ride from the airport was a sting! The other thing I found to be a little odd was that there was no ATM in the hotel. We needed cash to be able to pay our car driver back to the airport, and had to go across the street to one (which ended up being out of service) so that was a little inconvenient, but our driver was kind and helped us find one nearby. Beyond those two things, the stay at the Warwick was nothing but positive. I was given a "junior suite" that was also handicapped accessible, and it was perfect. There was a very comfortable king bed, a big flat screen TV, a little sitting area upon entering and a desk/office area with plenty of outlets to plug in electronics! The wireless access was $10 a day, but for a flawless high speed, connection, it was well worth it The bathroom was absolutely beautiful and very good sized! Not only was there a roll in shower with a showerhead that could be lowered, but there was also a bathtub (that was lower than average so it was easier to step in and out of) with yet another

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