The Regency Grand Hotel

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| The Regency Grand Hotel | A Case of Employee Empowerment | | Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Problem Statement 5 Situation Analysis 5 Introduction 5 Organizational Behavior Symptoms & Issues 6 STEP Analysis 7 SWOT Analysis 8 Organizational Behavior Analysis 10 External Analysis 14 Assumptions 14 Implications 14 Alternatives 16 1. 16 2. 18 3. 19 4. 20 Recommendation 21 Action and Implementation 22 Contingency plan 23 Exhibits 24 Exhibit 1 24 Exhibit 2 24 Exhibit 4 25 Sources 25 Executive Summary Recently purchased by a large American hotel chain, the Regency Grand hotel, located in Bangkok Thailand, is an example of prestige, with a 5-star rating. For the past 15…show more content…
* The only reward system in place, the year-end bonus, is given on such a regular basis it is now, more or less, an expectation. * Failure of management to take cultural differences into consideration. * John Becker, who has only so far worked at American locations, was posted to a foreign country. He may not be fully knowledgeable about the local culture. * No studies were conducted to see if differences in culture could have any effect on implementing an empowerment strategy. Consequences not looked into. * The new strategy does not take into consideration differences between American and Thai employees in their power distance, individualism, collectivism, and uncertainty avoidance. * The relationships amongst employees, and with their supervisors were never taken into account. STEP Analysis Social-Relationships between employees were not taken into account.-Cultural differences were not addressed. | Technological | Economic-Customer dissatisfaction causes decreased profits. | Political (Environmental) -Media is writing negative reviews about the hotel. | SWOT Analysis Strengths * Considered to be one of the most prestigious hotels in Bangkok. * Maintains a five-star rating. * Employs 700 people who have all worked for the hotel under its previous management. * Employees are knowledgeable of how the hotel should operate. * The new manager, John Becker, does have 10 years of experience
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