Ign (In Game Name): Tewfones. Age: 14 Turning 15 In May..

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IGN (In Game Name): TewFones

Age: 14 Turning 15 in May.

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Country: United States of America

Do you have a good quality mic?: I consider my microphone decent, not the best but you can hear me pretty well. It is SADES SA 903 Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro Gaming Headset.

Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: I currently only use Teamspeak, but if needed I will download Telegram.

How many hours can you put in the server per week: I can spend at least around 1-2 hours daily. That 's only if I am not busy with homework or errands.

Any previous punishments on Faithful?: No, I don 't believe I have ever gotten banned on Faithful and I hope to keep it this way.

Any past experiences in being a staff member: I am …show more content…

I don 't have much experience for screen sharing but I am sure that you guys will be able to teach me how to screen share properly. This opportunity will help me realize how hard working I can be. I will strive to help people in need, people who feel uncomfortable or harassed. I will be sure to welcome every new player that comes on the server. I will talk to every member in a proper and mature manner. I will try my best to not argue but this is not a promise. I can sometimes be toxic so please keep that in mind. With the help of higher staff members I will become a really respectful person that people can trust and come to if they need any help. Since I am only 14 years old. I have a lot of time in my hands so I will be able to use my free time on the server and have fun at the same time. Interaction with each player is a key step to creating a healthy relationship. I will bring positive vibe and not be bias with any player. Each player, donor, staff member and YouTuber will be respected and treated equally so that drama can be prevented. As staff, I will make sure every player 's experience on this server will be a great one that they will remember even if the server shuts down. I am patient, friendly, honest and reliable. These traits are considered likable to most people. I try my best to read as many posts on the forums and give them my honest opinion.

Additional Information: I am 14 years old and a freshman in High School. This

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