Ignis Avem And The Hummingbird : The Genetic Characteristics Of The Fire Bird

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Among the millions of unique organisms that inhabit the Earth, one of the most breathtaking of all these creatures is the Ignis avem, more commonly known as the fire bird. This fascinating creature’s unique genetic makeup allows for its fascinating features and traits which separate it from the rest of the natural world as one of the most complex creatures alive. The Ignis avem is a multicellular organism that is classified as an animal due to its reptilian and bird-like attributes.These traits originate from its DNA, 40% of which resembles that of an alligator, 20% of a hummingbird, 20% of a falcon, and a final 20% originating from bald eagles. Each of these genetic relatives of the Ignis avem contribute a feature which allows it to be the deadly predator that it is. For example, the hummingbird’s unique wings are exhibited by the fire birds ability to flap its wings at intense speeds and change direction in the matter of seconds, allowing it to ambush it's pray effectively. In addition, the alligators dominance in the fire bird's genetic makeup is shown by its long, dagger filled snout which allows the fire bird to catch jumping fish and quick-moving birds with a single snap of its mouth. Lastly, the falcon and bald eagle facets of the fire bird are shown through its keen eyesight from great heights, as well as its deadly talons. Essentially, the firebird's unique ancestors and genetic relatives lend themselves tremendously to its unique DNA and traits which make it the

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