Illegal Animal Trade Essay

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Illegal trading of animals is a big issue in today's society. More and more animals are going extinct, in part because of the acts committed while trying to buy or sell an animal for profit. In the past 400 years, 350 species of animals have gone extinct (Ryder, 214). Illegal trade generates billions of dollars and is therefore highly popular. There have been many regulations placed upon this trading. Some have been successful and others have not. Governments across the world have placed regulations on this illegal trade and treatment of animals, but it is still an issue. To what extent have governments been successful in stemming illegal animal trade?
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It came into effect in 1975. It is an international organization that many countries are involved in. CITES had a goal to stabilize the population of African elephants which was decreasing very quickly due to the success of the ivory trade (Montazeri, 124) . The poor seek an income source and find it in illegal hunting (Duffy, 15) It was popular because ivory signified wealth and it was also used in traditional chinese medicine. The convention banned ivory trade in 1989 (Montazeri, 126). After the ban was implemented, there was a significant increase in the amount of ivory found/taken on asian borders. Most of the ivory coming from Africa did not stay there, most of it went to asian countries (Montazeri, 128). Many of the smugglers were based in Africa, but were controlled through Asia (Montazeri, 129).
An issue with the ban was that many patrol officers were easily corrupted, so smugglers were able to get the illegally obtained ivory where the demand was. There were also loopholes in the ban, for example, only African Elephant ivory trade was banned, so smugglers were able to disguise the illegal ivory for Thai Elephant ivory (Montazeri, 127). The ban did help to tighten security, but it was not as effective as it was meant to be.

In South Africa, animal reserves and national parks are run by the military. This has been a huge success and SOuth African reserves are seen as the most effectively run places in Africa.

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