Illegal Immigration And The United States

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Since the establishment, people have been emigrating from every foreign country into the United States. Immigration is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as “a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence” (“immigrant”). In the beginning, America was the land of opportunity, which allowed people to have a chance at reaching success. Since then, the population has grown to over 320 million people. Because of the explosion of people entering the United States, a restriction must be instilled on the number of new foreigners who are allowed in. America is now well established, and the economy is not strong enough to support more than the population currently living within the borders. In attempt to control the amount of people entering the country, the United States government created an application process in which people who wish to become citizens are granted the opportunity to gain citizenship. Immigration is illegal without being accepted through the process, however, multitudes of people ignore the law and continue to cross the border illegally. Illegal immigration affects American citizens, immigrants, immigrant families, employers, and the Department of Homeland Security daily that create problems in the United States. The issue of immigration is a well-focused area in a majority of political debates. The question is should the United States be strengthening the laws of immigration to keep undocumented citizens out? Illegal immigration is

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