Illegal Immigration in the United States Essay

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Illegal Immigration in the United States

Illegal Immigration in the United States The United States (US) has always been viewed as the land of opportunity because it is the only true free country in the world. This being the case people have been fighting their way into the country for decades. However, it is becoming more and more of a problem each decade that passes. With the United States border being so close to Mexico it is now seeing the highest population of illegal immigrants to date. The rising population is due to the lack of jobs in their country, poor pay and bad work environments. It has become the issue it has because the US is now having problems with high taxes, steep insurance costs and new laws. Even though the
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"Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is targeting...north Phoenix in his latest crackdown on illegal immigrants. The sheriff's office said that...resources and volunteers will focus on...a congregating point for migrant day laborers." (Sunnucks,?2009) Sheriff Joe has also started cracking down on businesses that do not perform checks on all employees. Strict fines and even jail time is now possible for businesses who employ illegal immigrants. Former President Bush has also been working to help the situation, in a speech he made in 2004 he said, "Our homeland will be more secure when we can better account for those who enter our country, Instead of the current situation, in which millions of people are unknown ... law enforcement will face few problems with undocumented workers and will be better able to focus on the true threats to our nation from criminals and terrorists." (,?2004) He also said, "I oppose amnesty -- placing undocumented workers on the automatic path to citizenship, Granting amnesty encourages the violation of our laws and perpetuates illegal immigration. America's a welcoming country. But citizenship must not be the automatic reward for violating the laws of America." (,?2004) Since this speech he has worked diligently to combat the growing problem. Other key people include Senator John McCain and Senator Ted Kennedy. These two men put their name to
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