Imagery And Symbolism In Father And I By Paar Lagerqvist

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The short story is about a Sunday walk in the country taken by a young boy and his father. Written in first person, it appears simple in nature, but it is actually a more complex story that is depicted by the author. In his story, “ Father and I”, Paar Lagerqvist uses imagery and symbolism to say that although as children we have unwavering faith in our parents and that our world basically revolves around them, at some point as we grow, we realize that there is more to life than this sheltered world. The story begins on a perfect, bright Sunday afternoon. A father and son wave goodbye to the mother who is preparing supper, and they head into the woods to enjoy the sounds of the birds and adventure along the railroad tracks. As the young boy and his father are admiring nature, a train comes rushing along the tracks. His father saluted the familiar conductor and settled back into the peacefulness of the afternoon. As dusk begins to fall, the child becomes uneasy about being in the darkening woods. The young boy’s fear grows, but his father remains calm and continues on. Then out of nowhere a mighty roar of a black train tore through the abyss startling the two out of their quiet state. The train pierced the night at a frantic speed and the father tells his son that he did not recognize the driver. At this moment, the boy’s perspective on his father and life in general forever changes.
In the exposition of the story, Paar Lagerqvist uses imagery to create a perfect day

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