Imagination In The Veldt, By Ray Bradbury

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Imagination is a wild thing. We use imagination as a tool to escape reality and to create an image of the world we want to exist. Imagination is good to some extent because in some cases people’s imagination goes too far and they end up trying to live an unrealistic life, trying to achieve the impossible, and trying to change who they truly are to be able to live in their fantasy. Imagination is the tool needed to succeed but it is the one tool needed for destruction. As portrayed in the short story “The veldt” by Ray Bradbury, that talks about a family that lives in an unrealistic world, in a fantasy they created for themselves and ended up harming them. Imagination gives a world to escape to. It gives a chance to change and to create …show more content…

Imagination causes people to hope for the impossible. It lets an individual dream but some dreams just stay dreams. Others become true and they do much more harm than good. As portrayed in the story, people kept fantasizing and dreaming about a happy home and the impossible soon came true. This happy home has taken the idea of reality and destroyed it. Reality is all about existing and this home makes people feel like an object always sitting or standing with machines doing everything they demanded. This act slowly strips away a person’s personality and creates this virtual world for them keeping them from from reality and this has caused them to dream too far and this proves that imagination makes people hope for the impossible and when it comes to existence it will hurt them all. Imagination is a tool used to correct what people think is wrong with them. This is good to some extent and until boundaries are crossed. As shown in the short story the “the Veldt” how the parents believed that the happy home is what is going to fix them and they lived in it wanting to believe that is who they truly are. They forgot that they are human beings that are supposed to interact with nature and other, explore the world and not be stuck in one place being treated as if they do not exist and this is starting to happen more frequently in our society. The children in the story also show how they used imagination to correct who they truly want to be. When their parents

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