Imagine Being One Of Two Hundred People Being Accused Of

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Imagine being one of two hundred people being accused of witch craft or practicing the beliefs of the devil. And imagine all of this being just because of tantrums or outburst that these days can be associated with mental disorders such as tercets syndrome or some other kind of behavioral problems. Well two hundred people will be accused of being devil worshipers or witches because of these mentioned behaviors. These trials were conducted back in the 1600’s and medical or behavioral diagnose weren’t advanced as they are now. Imagine being one of these two hundred that were executed because of these beliefs. Well this actually happened in what was known as the Salem Witch trials which occurred in colonial Massachusetts. Throughout this …show more content…

A month later another little girl by the name of Ann Punam would experience this same type of behavior. In 1692 Samuel Parris Had a slave by the name Tituba, Tituba became popular with the teenage girls of Salem and they would gather with her in the kitchen while she was conducting her duties such as making meals. Since Tituba was a slave not much was known about her or her life until the Salem Witch Trials. Tituba was believed to have been a Slave from South America and came from the islands of Barbados. Tituba was believed to have been married to a John Indian a Native American. Titubas first believed victims of witchcraft were believed to have been the two young girls mentioned earlier Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams. Tituba would often tell these two young girls tales of witchcraft. Tituba would later be the first one in Salem to confess to practicing witchcraft. Thomas Parris the father of Elizabeth Parris would Lara 3 have said to beaten Tituba in order to gain a confession from her in the practicing of witchcraft. I was said that Tituba was making witch cake and would let Thomas’s daughter Elizabeth partake in the making of this “witch cake”. Tituba would say that Elizabeth was not a witch had participated in her witchy activities. During the Salem witch trials Tituba would also accuse others of participating in witchcraft. She would talk about various things such as black dogs and riding around on a broom stick to various

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