Essay On Immigration In America

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There's still arguments and many citizens that demand Daca to get destroyed. Some of the cases they propose and try to stand for include that Obama forced an executive order that is not only bad but most importantly, it is unconstitutional. Another one is that the President made the correct decision to not only pause the program but also put the all the pressure on Congress so they can decide if they want to pass it or not. After all, Congress seems incapable even successfully pass anything at this point. Giving this type of incentive and this reward to the immigrants and able to do all this will only increase our problem at the border because you’ll now see thousands of more immigrants jumping the wall to reach the United States. There’s …show more content…

The closest it has gotten was in 2010 when Obama was in his first term, but it wasn’t enough saying that it didn’t clear with the 60 votes in the Senate. It was going to be difficult because Obama had a house of mostly republicans. Now, that Trump has put all the pressure on Congress for a program that is in full effect, who knows what’ll happen. Saying that there’s a lot of people who came out of hiding for this. It’s a real problem right now for them saying that they’re uncertain what will happen.
There’s plenty of people who evidently believe that Daca is encouraging more immigrants to come to the United States because of the incentive the Dreamers get. Giving this type of opportunity for these now adults is not a bad thing but is rewarding for now only them but especially as citizens. There’s no way that Daca is a cause for child migration to the united states. Even if a kid moved to the Us illegally, they would still not be eligible. They would have to be younger than 31 years old by June 15, 2012. They’ll also have to be living in the United States since June 15, 2007, and that’ll automatically disqualify all the new people who are just trying to come in so they can apply for Daca. According to a graph created by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, it shows in fact that it did increase during Daca was presented but not because of that. We do know that it was on a small scale than what we are

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