Immigration And The Illegal Immigration Into The United States

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A major part of political platforms in the 2016 race is immigration and how we will deal with it. And it is seemingly unanimous that they are trying to decrease the amount of travel into the United states because it leads to major issues, but does it really? It’s acting as a catalyst in creating a more diverse economy, helping the growth and advancement of diplomatic ties with other countries, and it is the basis for which this country is founded on - immigrate, settle, colonize, grow. The issue that we should be fighting against is the illegal immigration into the US. The undocumented persons -- not the document travelers -- are where issues like manual labor jobs being given at a lower wage, the idea that terrorist acts can be committed, and the increase in crime arise, but even so these statements are frequently false and grotesquely exaggerated. The issue of immigration and illegal immigration being spoken on within the same context is giving the a large majority of the population the idea that they are one and the same- both being seen as one criminal group. The United States needs a complete overhaul of their illegal immigration prevention and legal immigration system, but the opposition is attempting to close the borders completely. To both those who are coming in with and without permission, and they are gaining followers because they are using facts that are not facts at all and are purely procured from opinion. (Show Your Support) The process to be
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