Immigration During The United States

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In the U.S.’ growing population, not only are the number of Americans growing each day, but also the number of illegal aliens. While immigrants brought a mass variety of races and culture to the U.S., only recently has it become a bigger, more illegal problem. Change needs to happen with this problem for it is illegal and the country knows what is happening. While immigration has been with the U.S. from the very beginning, it’s becoming worse with every year. In order to understand illegal immigration, one must first know the laws and background. “The United States Supreme court determined that immigration came under federal jurisdiction in 1875, and Congress established the Immigration Service in 1891”(“ History of Immigration Laws in…show more content…
32-33) When the new system came into being, there werewas only a certain number of people allowed to enter the country for labor, family unification, and political asylum. The system heavily restricted immigration from Mexico and South America which led to the increasing rise of illegal immigration. Getting closer to home in the 1980’s, illegal immigration and border security became the number one issue in the immigration debate which then led to Congress granting more powers to law enforcement agencies, which allowed the punishment of people who have helped or have taken part in illegal immigration. Today,“Congress has made it illegal for the U.S. government to deny entrance into the United States based on political beliefs, ideologies, or associations. At the same time, Congress voted to allow a 40 percent increase in the number of immigrants lawfully permitted per year.” (History of Immigration Laws in the U.S. 39-41). While immigration is a problem, most Americans do not know the laws of immigration which leads to the illegal aliens coming in right under their noses, which in turn is a problem. Being that Texas and Mexico are neighbors, it would only make sense that Texas is one of the most populated illegal alien states, as well as California. Just last year, there was a count of about 1,810,00 illegal aliens living in Texas which was 70,000 more than in 2010. While this number affects the state, it also affects the residents
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