Immigration Is An Act Of A West African Native

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As the daughter of a West African native, I have come to appreciate the rich heritage that permeates the globe – in America, Africa, Asia, and other countries. Immigrants move around the world and share their culture and immerse themselves in the cultures of others. Years ago, my mother migrated to America from Nigeria to better her life for my brothers and I. When she moved to the United States she later learned that life in the states was going to very different. I witnessed and tried to help her in her struggle with her speech and understanding the way things worked. She finally Americanize most of her ways, adapting to the different environment and cultures. She has used some of her skills and heritage with her family and in the workplace. What is immigration?
According to Payne (2013), immigration is an act of going from another country to become permanent resident. In my opinion, it’s a deeper and more logical definition. I have several reasons why I define immigration as one seeking better opportunities, better living conditions and income. Many people today look at immigration as one of the Major political problems our economy encounters, while many see migrating from their origin better opportunity for themselves and their loved ones. Opinions vary due to lack of information and outlook. In today’s world most Americans look at immigration as people coming in to take all advantages without being a citizen, Advantages such as
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