Immigration Policy Of The United States

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Immigration is a timely issue that took my interest, and being an immigrant it was the first topic that came to my mind for this problem-solution research paper. It is imperative that the citizens must know that there are underlying major problems that are associated with the current immigration policy of the country. Thus, the United States’ government must address this serious problem with the majority support of its citizens. By tackling the issue of immigration, it will not just resolve one problem, but the elemental aspects that go along with it as well. The main objective of this argument paper is to increase awareness by presenting the opposing arguments concerning immigration. Also, to help enlighten the minds of the people, and …show more content…

This solution will hinder the wrong people from coming to the country, and will discourage those who have ill intentions of the United States and its citizens. Take into considerations the 9/11 terrorist attack. There were thousands of innocent lives perished owing to the laxity in the laws concerning immigration. In addition, according to the article “Lax Immigration Policies Invite Terrorism”, 2009 by Krikorian, he stated, “Our enemies have repeatedly exercised this option of inserting terrorists by exploiting weaknesses in our immigration system.” (Krikorian 2) On the other hand, for the second solution, a more tolerant immigration policy; Reverend Kicanas on his testimony he argued that “majority of migrants coming to the United States come not for nefarious purposes, but to either find work to support their families or to join their loved ones.” (Doak 2) This is reality for many immigrants in America. Nevertheless, take into perspective when making the decision that this reasoning can be an avenue for those who wish to destabilize the nation. The second major criterion that is linked to the immigration problem is the

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