Immigration Through Crime : Governing Immigration Through Crime

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we obligated to “round them up” to go back home (Coulter,2016, p 42). For example, convicted rapist Mohammed Mukhtar agreed to deportation after his sentence, but it is unlikely that his home country of Somalia will accept him back. So, when the authors of Governing Immigration through Crime, describes a “shadow cast” among Latinos, Arabas, Muslims and South Asians (Dowling & Inda, 2013). Coulter believes that these immigrants shouldn’t feel like they are living in the shadows, Americans should be feeling that way since these immigrants are the ones coming into their country committing crime and breaking the law to get here (Coulter,2016). Illegal immigrants should feel uncomfortable living in our country, it’s supposed to be an uncomfortable feeling when you break the law. She then asks, “how did all these illegal aliens get into the shadows in the first place?”, and makes a valid point that they weren’t kidnapped or dragged into our country they chose to come here (Coulter,2016, p.5).
So, living in a “shadow cast” must not be too bad since we can barely keep up with the number of immigrants we house in our jails and prisons, which are being maintained by us American tax payers. So, it goes to show you that these immigrants make it to our country, live off of our tax money, commit heinous crimes, and they can’t even get deported, our immigration laws work for every other country out there except ours.
National Security The final concept that comes to mind while reading

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