Immortality In The Truman Show

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Seven billion were there for his birth. Two hundred twenty countries tuned in for his first step. And as he grew, so did the technology. Coming from Seahaven Island, enclosed in the largest studio ever constructed, it's The Truman Show. Peter Weir tells the story of Truman Burbank, a man who has unknowingly been the star of a world-famous television show and every moment of his life has been broadcast live to global audience consisting of sound stage, actors and actresses as his family and friends and cameras tracking his every move.The Truman Show builds Seahaven island as an ideal world for Truman's daily life. Although to some extent this is true as everything is based around Truman and he has a comfortable lifestyle, many people undoubtedly oppose and agree to most extent that the theme of immortality is clearly portrayed towards Truman and doesn't create the perfect environment throughout the lives of two main characters; Truman's wife, Meryl and the shows director and God-like character, Christof.
Christof is a crucial example of the immorality which represented throughout the film to Truman in his daily life. During the television show, Christof continuously disregards the personal moments and individual feeling of Truman by presenting this to the viewers of the show. This is established when Christof organises the dramatic death of Truman's father, ending with Truman being traumatically scarred for life, just for the entertainment of the audience. This shows the
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