Immunizations : A Important Role For Every Parent 's Life Essay

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Immunizations play a very vital role in every parent’s life. When a child is born, their parents have to make a choice whether or not they want to get their kids vaccinated or not. It can be a real struggle in today’s society to make this decision. Some people may think how is that a hard decision to make? If you can prevent your child from getting a disease that could possibly kill them. Why would you even hesitate thinking about it? The reason why parents hesitate when deciding whether or not to get their child vaccinated is because of the belief in society that, vaccinations can give your child ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) and possibly other things as well. Over the past decade, parents getting their children vaccinated has been slowing declining. As the number of parents vaccinating their kids is declining, the amount of outbreaks in the United States has been increasing. The United States is starting to see diseases that where practically wiped out in America ten years ago, starting to make a comeback. An example of one of these diseases would be the Measles. In this paper, I will examine the reasoning’s on why parents don’t want to vaccinate their children. I will also talk about diseases that are making a comeback in the United States. I will also present my personal opinion on the subject matter, what I personally think and believe about immunizations. And whether or not vaccinations for kids attending public schools should all be required or not. In the

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