Immunologist Personal Statement

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Since I was young, I always wanted to help others as much as I could. Growing up, I learned that I could achieve my goal through science. There were so many career choices available with science: a marine biologist to an archaeologist, even to a hydrologist. I believed I would find solutions to many of the health problems that humans face; problems in this world such as AIDS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, or diabetes - the list went on. When I chose my career as an immunologist, I was unaware of what I would truly accomplish in life. CHANGE In 2022, right after I graduated from college, I was recruited by BioTech Inc., a biopharmaceutical company that is located in Nebraska. I was placed in what was known as “Bio-Tear,” a research and development team with the goal of preventing and treating widespread diseases. There were only four other people enlisted in Bio-tear: I became good friends with Bonnie, Clyde, Crystal and Denise. Both Bonnie and Clyde had been in Biotech Inc. for about 15 years. Crystal was very hard working; she focused mainly…show more content…
I discovered that it didn’t react like previous strains of the flu. I decided to run test trials on it with vaccines that worked in the past. I went through every variation of vaccines, but, none of them had the slightest impact on it. Crystal and I ran this new strain, later to be known as X-01, through a graphic model on our computer; the computer predicted that within seven months, at least 99.99% of the Earth’s population would cease to exist. We immediately contacted the CDC, or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, when we discovered the results of the graphic. The CDC sent in Swanson, possible the most profound immunologist in all of history, to our labs. We were instructed to work with Swanson to find a vaccine for X_01 no matter what. It was discovered that there was no other type of influenza like X-01 ever
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