Impact Of Black Friday

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Impact of Black Friday on Society

We already know that the "Black Friday" is an American tradition that consists of a drop in prices in major stores, during the last Friday of November, coinciding with the opening of Christmas shopping. But what is the origin of this celebration?

The first use of the term "Black Friday" occurred not to refer to Christmas shopping, but in relation to an economic crisis: on Friday, September 24, 1869, two relentless Wall Street financiers, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, After an intense work to obtain great benefits, they failed in their efforts, and the market went bankrupt. For that reason, that day was named as the "Black Friday".

Another of the stories that accompany the term "Black Friday" has to do with the role of small businesses in the market. Tradition has it that, after a whole year of losses, finally, after Thanksgiving, the Christmas season arrived, the day from which the benefits began, and with them, instead of red numbers, "black numbers" were produced.

The tradition is indeed a positive practice for the economy of a country, simultaneously, gives the possibility to millions of hard workers to recover their lost through the year, and to bring back their numbers. Also it gives the opportunity to small business to create more profits through advertising their products.

Perhaps it is opposite to peoples believes and morals about what Christmas should be about, the Black Friday, which is such a cold and unsensitive celebration it is
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