Impact Of Csr On Human Rights Abuses Essay

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Multinational Corporations have been subjected to various scandals relating to indirect violation of worker’s rights in China. Nonetheless, the extent to which corporations are responsible to ensure their operations and associations do not create nor reinforce human rights abuses is contentious. The objective of this research paper is to engage with the theoretical discourses pertaining to CSR, and to analyze the empirical impacts of CSR codes in Chinese factories. My research illustrates the minimal degree of effectiveness of CSR implementation in Reebok factories, due to state legislation and insufficient initiative by Reebok in relation to the cost associated with code implementation. I contrast the initial critical findings with a Swiss case study of the Chinese textile industry, which presents evidence of effective CSR implementation due to the threefold cooperation of brands, factory managers, and employers. I then bring forth Milton Friedman’s attack on the entire notion of CSR as an illegitimate imposition against businesses. I contend that successful CSR implementation requires trilateral engagement of multinational corporations, factory managers, employees complimented with an overarching, but limited state regulation. CSR is a voluntary commitment by businesses to implement particular codes of conduct, based on a belief that corporations have duties beyond their shareholders extending to stakeholders. I explore the extent to which the implementation of corporate

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