Impact Of E-Commerce And Mcommerce

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University Of Sargodha Sub-campus Mianwali Submitted To: Mam Samreen Submitted By: Muqadas Amir (BSCSF13ME016) Topic : Educating the public about security Department: CS & IT Semester: 8th INTRODUCTION: Security is very important part for any transaction that takes place over internet. Customer will lose his/her trust in transactions over internet if we don’t care about security or if its security is compromised. E-commerce Security is a part of the Information Security framework and is specifically applied to components that affect e-commerce that include Computer Security, Data security. E-commerce is one of the highest visible security components that affect the end user through their daily payment interaction with business. Security is one of the principal and continuing concerns that restrict customers and organizations engaging with ecommerce. Web e-commerce applications that handle…show more content…
Day by day E-commerce and Mcommerce playing very good role in online retail marketing and peoples using this technology day by day increasing all over the world. E-commerce security is the protection of e-commerce assets from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. Dimensions of e-commerce security; Integrity: prevention against unauthorized data modification. No repudiation: prevention against any one party from reneging on an agreement after the fact. Authenticity: authentication of data source. Confidentiality: protection against unauthorized data disclosure. Privacy: provision of data control and
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