The Role Of Social Media On Global E Commerce

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The Role of Social Media in Global e-Commerce Name Affiliated Institution E-commerce is short for electronic commerce where the participants (companies) trade their products and services using computer networks. The buyers and sellers can use platforms like mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, online transaction processing, data collection, internet marketing, electronic data interchange and inventory management systems. Currently, most of these transactions have taken advantage of the World Wide Web, which is largely accessed through emails and other platforms. E-commerce entails online shopping web sites, active participation in online market places, business to business trading activities, data collection through web contacts and other social media, electronic data interchange between businesses and retails for launching newly innovated and created products and services. Social media Social media, on the other hand, has changed the way people use the Internet. Consumers are actively participating in conversations regarding the products they are using and advice companies on how they would prefer their products made to satisfy their needs. People use social media to communicate, express themselves, pass their time, entertain themselves and seek information. By companies using media to communicate to its customers or building an online community to keep conversations going about their products, they make visitors of their pages be more
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