Impact Of Franklin Roosevelt 's New Deal

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In this essay, I will look at the impact Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” had on the role of the federal government in the United States of America. I will do this by first looking at how the ferderal system was initally set up and contrasting that to how it was after the New Deal or Deals were passed. What powers that granted and in what areas, how this effected federal government’s role on a local level, the implications of such changes as well as some of the controvercies and issues that arose from these changes.

The Roosevelt family have had a resounding impact on American Politics, Franklin’s wife Elenor (neice of Theodore Roosevelt) is often cited as one of the worlds most influential human rights activists and diplomats. President Harry Truman refered to her as “the First Lady of the World” However, it is husband Franklin who made the oval office his own and won an unprecedented four terms. Franklin Roosevelt won his first term in 1932 and was inagurated in 1933, the height of the great depression. Roosevelt’s main campaign promise was for a new deal for the American people, he won the election by an impressive 7,068,817 votes and 413 electoral collage votes against sitting President Herbert Hoover. The biggest loss by an incumbant at the time and was only surpassed by Regan in 1980. Roosevelt’s now mush esteemed first inaugration speech layed out plans to tackle the depression. “First of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is

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