Impact Of Gambling On The United States

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Andrew Isaac Isaac 1
Honors English 10
Period 2
6 April 2017 Gambling’s rise to Legality in the United States Gambling has been a popular activity in the United States from the 1600’s to the present day United States. As gambling grows as a worldwide enterprise, it expands the United States with the opportunities it provides and the attention it consumes. Gambling as a whole benefits different recreational activities and events such as sports. Gambling also allows people visiting places like Las Vegas to enjoy playing poker with friends and even winning money after a game of poker or Slot Machine. Gambling allows many activities to be expanded
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With the age group consisting of anyone over 21, gambling is a main attraction when visiting a place like Las Vegas. People tend to spend their money mostly on the slot machines and multiple poker games taking place in the Casinos around the United States. These revenues go towards the workers of the Casinos and state taxes which benefits the other attractions surrounding the casino. The gambling industry has grown massively in little time, it has grown to make around 40 billion dollars a year. Generating this money contributes largely to make a better city or state for visitors or residents to enjoy. These casinos are usually looked down upon but they offer new horizons for men and women in the United States. The online gambling push is also coming to a close consideration with legality and within the next ten years should be completely legal (Bonesteel 1). Online gambling provides a different dimension of many businesses and also sports clubs. Most of the money from online sports gambling goes towards these sports clubs allowing them to expand their club and the league as one. As gambling begins to grow considerably larger in the United States, it is used as entertainment and recreation. As a whole, gambling allows any given city to grow economically and as whole, it brings in plenty amounts of revenue which also contributes to state taxes. Gambling slowly proves it has benefits towards cities and the local
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