Impact Of Globalization On The Environment In Brazil

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The Environment in Brazil What will you do is the planet is about to end? Brazil is located in the South America and it is one of the largest country in both South and Latin America. So, how does globalization impacts the environment in Brazil and how affect us? It is because it has the world’s largest tropical forest: The Amazon. The word globalization, it is a worldwide movement that implies the economy, financial, trade and communication integration. The most big industries of soy and beef agreed to have a moratorium on cutting down more trees. According to The Christian Science Monitor, they will report of any activities to demonstrate that they are slower-moving companies and countries that developing countries are already taking action and prospering to protect their environment and as a consequence that makes Brazilians to not stay behind (TCSM). Even if they are agreed to resolve the problem with reducing the deforestation it is also a lie, because according to the article they agreed to each time they were cutting a tree to make a product, they would have to plant the same volume of trees in that location. Basically, they’re not reducing the cutting down trees, it is the opposite way. They are increasing more the deforestation. Not only because the cutting trees are a cause, also because a tree take years of growth. Foreign country will help 6 countries that has problem with deforestation including Brazil. According to The Timber Industry Magazine, the UK will launch satellites in order to monitor the impact of deforestation and reduce it and it will covering 300 million hectares. Those countries are: Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Indonesia and Ghana. They’ll use technology as a way to contribution of the environment (TTIM). It will be call Ecometrica and it will monitor and data every changes that the climate change is affecting us. Workers have the acknowledge that they are causing the deforestation but it is their job and they can’t do anything to protect it and prefer to ignore it. According to CGTN America, “it is illegal logging has been blamed for turning plush rainforest into a patchwork of trees and farmland. Also, Brazil had made tremendous strides in reducing widespread
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