Impact Of Immigration On The United States

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Improvements of the verge Many People can speculate if the U.S.-Mexican border is truly a significant factor for our government’s safety or just there wasting money, time and land. By allowing the government to fund the border many improvements could be made. Border Safety, can create a safer border environment by facing the multiple Issues and Challenges, like illegal Immigration, Drug Enforcement, and cross-border Transportation, and Technological improvements by Homeland security influence the agents, trying to cease these issues. A vast complication that the United States goes through is the huge illegal immigration.
Each year thousands of illegal immigrants enter the United States across the U.S.-Mexican border. The result is that
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For example, the number of Border Patrol agents on the border coast rose from 3,389 to 7,357 between the years of 1993 and 1998. This growth was due largely to the 1996 Immigrant Responsibility Act and illegal immigration reform, the U.S. Border Patrol hire 1,000 agents annually through 1998. A study commissioned by the National Drug Control Policy estimated that the U.S. Border Patrol would need over 16,000 agents to suspend unauthorized crossings along the southwest border. It’s reported that the INS is unlikely to meet the 1,000-agent annual hiring quota mandated by Congress, and the executive branch has not requested additional positions in the 2000s. “One method the United States is using to enhance and expedite enforcement efforts at border crossings is increasing the use of biometric technology, whereby biometric identifiers, such as photos and fingerprints, can be digitally scanned and read by a computer. INS has developed IDENT; an automated system that catalogues apprehended while attempting to reenter the country. The State Department is also currently phasing in another identification system to speed processing times for legal entry of Mexicans who frequently cross the border into the United States” (United States. Nations security and international affairs Division 25)
The border crossing cards that had previously been used in the past are now being replaced with laser visas, new high-tech biometric cards that
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