Impact Of Labor Force In The 21st Century

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There is a great change going on in employment trend and labor force in the U.S. in 21st century because of aging, diversity immigrants and few other factors and it’s a dramatic change, from 1950 to 2050. This massive demographic change has an impact on the number of people working or people looking for work. In the beginning of 21st century the demand for labor force has increased which is one of the main source for growth and economic progress. Growth rate in population and labor force has changed the trend in employment today compare to 1950. Today more older people are working, its more diversified and more women are involved at workplace. There are going to be significant changes in coming years compare to past 50 years. For example, labor growth rate will be less than what we had in past 50 years. As per the Mitra Toossi’s article “A century of change: the U.S. labor force, 1950-2015”, ‘The high growth rate of civilian labor force in the past 50 years will be replaced by much lower growth rates in the next 50 years’. The main reason to this slowdown in growth of the labor force is high tech innovation which is reducing the demand of traditional labor force. Another demographic change in the employment trend is the change in gender structure. We have seen more number of women at workplace compare past 50 years and their number at work place are increasing very fast. This change came because of equal rights to women at workplace plus they are more involved with their

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