Impact Of Realism In The Renaissance

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Considered to be the link between Middle Ages and Modern history, Renaissance was a defining period in European history. Regeneration and rejuvenation were the underlying concepts of Renaissance, concepts thats are humanistic in origin. Mutually inclusive in effect to all aspects of everyday life, Renaissance humanism caused a seismic shift in culture, away from Byzantine thought and returning to Classical Antiquity.

Renaissance humanism digressed from a traditional and rather restrictive way of thinking towards a movement which stressed importance on the development of the individual. This development was channeled through the emphasis on classical studies. Given the return to classics, every aspect of culture was affected, in specific- visual arts.

The effect that Humanism had on visual art was colossal, it revolutionized the very notion of art- not only in technique but concept too. Focus had now shifted to imbibing nature by paying close attention to the defining …show more content…

In other words, Humanistic Realism in art, had a fairly critical approach to the content- nothing was excluded and everything included was depicted in an unabashed manner, in an attempt to present the rawness of the subject. In relation to art produced during the Renaissance, Realism was the much needed outlet and connection, that took away from the Gothic style and back to the classical techniques. Two things were achieved through Realism. Firstly, focus had shifted more towards the conceptual aspect. As in, it was now more important to emulate the humane qualities of the subject, regardless of its aesthetic appeal, compromising on any detail was not a possibility. This in turn led to a shift in technique. Paintings had begun to loose their two dimensional aspect, instead things like perspective, linear style and colors were employed to bring about wholeness. This resulted in a more natural approach to

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