Impact Of Services On The Human Services Research

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In the human services research is carefully conducted to assess the impact of services and to create effective programs. However, a problem still exists regarding resistance to change of individuals and institutions. Program dissemination is critical in translating well-researched programs into common practices that help people. Once effective treatment procedures have been identified and tested, the task is to find a way of delivering those treatment procedures to clients (Fixsen & Blase, 1993).
Among the most widely disseminated procedures derived directly from the principles of applied behavior analysis have been those applied to the analysis and treatment of common childhood problems (e.g., Arndorfer, Allen, & Aljazireh, 1999; Schroeder & Gordon, 1991; Watson & Gresham, 1998). Applied behavior analysts have developed a countless effective interventions for common childhood problems and have repeatedly demonstrated that, even in loosely controlled applied environments, behavior often responds rather quickly to properly managed contingencies. Yet, despite these successes, some have maintained that simply providing repeated demonstrations of the effectiveness of behavioral technology eventually will yield diminishing returns to the field (Kunkel, 1987). The success of an intervention is dependent not only upon its effectiveness but also upon its precise delivery by a clinician and the consistency with which parents and staff implement that treatment with all of its essential

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