Social Media And Its Impacts On Communication And Interaction

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Social Media, and its Impacts on Communication and Interaction in our Society
The introduction and the spread of the Internet have revolutionized the way individuals communicate and interact with each other. According to Van and Thomas, propagation of this medium of interaction or communication makes it unimaginable to recall that only a few decades back when people had to wait for days, weeks or even months before receiving letters from their friends, relatives, or various agencies (3). The latest innovation or by-product from the web is social media. There are various social media platforms, which individuals find new friends, keep contact with their old friends or families, and acquire or share information with the rest of the world. However, it is impractical to ignore the effects that the social media has to the people and the society as a whole; both positive and adverse. Therefore, the paper defines what is social media, discusses the effects of social media on communication and interaction to the people within the society based on personal understanding, analysis, and conception, and finally outlines the conclusion of the argument.
Social Media
Social media refer to the applications or websites that enable the users to participate in social networking globally and share relevant contents with individuals despite their geographical locations. There are various social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.

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