Impact Of Technology On The Entertainment Industry Essay

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Jillian Menkhaus

Marlaina Kehrer

Emilee Cornell

Patrice Hill

Entertainment and Technology

Technology has been beneficial to the entertainment industry. the Internet has evolved over the course of time, we are able to browse the internet, communicate in a more proficient way, live stream, and sharing memories with family and friends. The Internet can be used in many different ways but entertainment has improved the internet’s popularity.Technology has provided use with more ways to entertain ourselves.Smartphone, eReaders and gaming are some of thing that technology has improved in the entertainment has played a very important role in the way we receive entertainment. we have become so used to the internet that we wouldn 't know what to do without it.Gaming Technology has changed entertainment in recent years. Entertainment has been changed in many ways by technology, but gaming is definitely one of the most popular. The smartphone is the easiest way to receive entertainment. They provide entertainment options all while on-the-go. the internet can provide a lot of entertainment, and technology has amplified it .Many things can be done through the internet.

Over the past decade, technology has played a very important aspect of the way we receive entertainment, and we have become so used to it that we would probably not know what to do without it. One of the newer forms of entertainment from technological advances is known as eReading, and…
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