Impact On The Family Of A Working Mother?

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What is the impact on the family of a working mother ?

Today's women are being scrutinized for deciding to enter the work force and have children. There seems to be a stigma that you cannot be a career minded woman and have a family. Women find themselves entering the work force before they have children and then choosing to stay after the children are born. Some women find that their families require two incomes or in some cases their income may be the only source. There are also many positive affects on families by working mothers. Sometimes the lack of a mother's presence can impact a child negatively, a mother that does not work may also have a severe negative impact on a family. In a two income household, many mothers are able to make better choices for their families when it comes to nutrition and education. Based on today's society, there are negative and positive impacts on the family of a working mother ( Glezer, 1988). Society holds negative views on the impact of working mothers with a family. A mother is the most important person in a child's life. Since the majority of jobs within the United States only offer maternity leave for the first six weeks of a child's life, the mother is usually back to work when the child in still an infant. A working mom can have several negative impacts both emotionally and academically, based on the time she spends with her child (Gatrell , 2007) . There is an emotional impact that

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