Impact of Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships on Social Work Practices

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Boundary Issues & Dual RelationshipsPage 2 Boundary Issues & Dual Relationships Impacts on Social Work Practices Professional boundaries act as guidelines principles for many defining principles which help us act professionally in our respective fields. These boundary issues appear when social workers are made to face situations entailing conflict of interest. Such conflicts appear when the social workers have multiple relationships with the clients. Similar situation may arise with the colleagues as well. Assumption of second relationship other than the professional one with the client and colleague is what leads to emergence of ethical issues related to professional boundaries. The nature of these relationships can vary from friend, employer, family to sex partner. A social worker can enter into a social relationship any time before the therapy begins and even in between and after that. These relationships can vary from sexual to non-sexual. However, it is necessary to understand that not all dual relationships have unethical impacts on professional boundaries. Similarly, there is also a clear difference between violating the boundaries and crossing them. Violating these boundaries is inherently immoral and cannot be permitted in any circumstances. In such relations, a professional boundary is violated when there is an intentional exploitation, manipulation, deception and coercion of clients and third parties related to them. On the other hand, an unintentional act

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