Impact of Globalization in Belgium

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Apart from globalization, it was given several impacts to Belgium country. The impact on Belgium country was covered the various aspects such as economy, social, education, labor, and politics. 1.3.1 Economy Apart from globalization, it would give a big impact to the economic sector in the Belgium country, whether will give benefit to the nation or harm as well. One benefit of the globalization is can access a new market among the business worker are there. Based on Borio and Filardo (2006), Belgium’s economy is more dependent on international trade. Due to globalization, Belgium had implemented the free trade barriers in order to attract the investor from outsiders. The trade barriers was fall and make an interaction of market became closer. Based on Rie and Marx (2003), United States is a one of the main trading partner with the Belgium country. As we know United states is a major production of technology and machine, apart from that we can develop a new technology due to foreign investor enter the new technology then create a new product. Besides that, globalization also gives an effect on increasing the rate of the standard living of people in nations. Many investors came to Belgium and make an investment. Apart from that, the government had invested some amount to providing and establish an infrastructure in order to attract the foreign investor involve in the Belgium economy. Then, the people of that nation also will get benefit from that, indirectly they can
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