Impact of Green Revolution on India

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The Impact of Green Revolution on India Introduction In the backdrop of the food crisis that gripped India in the 1960s and 1970s, the Government of India initiated the ‘Green Revolution’ program. Economist Alok Ghosh defines the ‘Green Revolution as a revolution both in the quantum of agricultural input and output. It was an attempt to become self-sufficient in production of food grains. The Government made a package deal consisting of high yielding varieties of seeds, water management, pest control and fertilizer application at the optimum level in addition too sufficient credit facilities. To disseminate information Krishi Vigyan Kendras, model farms and district block development offices were instituted. Seed farms were developed. To…show more content…
Similarly due to excessive production more employments were created in the tertiary sector like transportation, marketing and storage. Ecological Impact (i) The Myth of High Yields: The term 'high yielding varieties' is a wrong name or word, because it implies that the new seeds are high yielding of themselves but actually they are highly responsive to certain key inputs such as fertilizers and water, the new seeds perform worse than the indigenous varieties. Increasing the nitrogen uptake plants by using artificial fertilizers upsets their carbon/nitrogen balance causing metabolic problems to which the plant reacts by taking up extra water. (ii)Loss of Diversity: Diversity is a central principle of traditional agriculture in the Punjab, and in the rest of India, such diversity contributed to ecological stability, and hence to ecosystem productivity. Since, lower diversity in an ecosystem, the higher its vulnerability to pests and disease. The Green Revolution has reduced genetic diversity at two levels. First, it replaced mixtures and rotations of crops like wheat, maize, millets, pulses and oil seeds which monocultures of wheat and rice. Second, the introduced wheat and rice varieties came from a very narrow genetic base. On this narrow and alien genetic base the food supplies of millions are precariously perched. (iii)Increasing
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