Impact of Media on Diversity in the 21st Century Essay

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A decade into the 21st century and the United States is still plagued with the prejudice, oppression, and discrimination that have dominated since its founding. Despite the advances in technology and education, there remains an archaic practice of communication and interpersonal relationships. In fact, the prejudice, oppression, and discrimination practiced today is far worse than that of years past because of the advances in technology and education. People have learned to camouflage their notions with plausible excuses, infusing these ideals into news, film, music, and publications. These negative ideas fester like a wound serving as a catalyst for the injustices perpetuated against the diverse members of United States
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These emotional connections range from joy to sorrow, compassion to anger, etcetera. Currently, the biggest television fad is “reality” TV, which promotes every stereotype known to man. Producers guide the cast to create drama or edit the film to create these very unrealistic characters thus promoting stereotypes and encouraging societal injustices. The most prevalent of these reality shows are the so-called wives shows, “The Real Housewives of …” and “(Sport) Wives”. Although the title includes the distinction of being a wife, these women are rarely married and seldom seen with their children or engaging in family activities. These brands of shows depict women as malicious, materialistic, lacking maternal traits, and in the case of non-white show cast members antagonistic and dangerous. Generally, these shows lack diversity in that all the women look similar or are of the same race. Differences between cast members are exploited, such as the case of the Atlanta installment of, the Bravo TV series, “The Real Housewives” where the black assistant of a white cast member was said to be treated like a slave. The aftermath was one of divisiveness both on the show and amongst viewers, most of whom took a strong stand along racial lines. As a black woman and native to Atlanta, I am highly offended by the message that this show presents.
The harms of the small screen are not relegated to entertainment television,
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