Impact of the Boxer Rebellion on China and the Qing Dynasty

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The Boxers throughout the length of the Rebellion aimed to influence and enforce their views upon the Chinese people and the ruling Qing dynasty. This group, comprised primarily of adolescents from Northern China, aimed to rid their country from economic manipulation, political invasion, the influence of foreign ideas and to eradicate Christianity from China. These aims were conveyed through a series of significant actions performed between 1899 and 1901 which included those such as: attacks on Chinese Christians both directly and indirectly, the politic massacre of foreigners and foreign diplomats, the assault on foreign legations and their 55-day long siege of Beijing.

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This particular action impacted on the Qing dynasty as it now had to formally acknowledge in which side it was support of, punishing the Boxers would mean the Qing was in the alliance with the foreign while not punishing them would mean the opposite as the Qing would have to respond to the outrage of the foreigners. A week later, Empress Ci Xi announced that she would fight the foreigners with the help of the

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