Imperialism In 1800

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During the 1800's China experienced major internal strains in addition to Western imperialist pressure that was backed by military power which China could not match.

Japan witnessed China experience with the military power iof Western nations and after the arrival of an American delegation in 1853, Japan is also forced to open its ports. Japan was able to adapt quickly and match the power of the West and establish itself as a competitor for colonial rights in Asia. Japan then challenges and defeats China in a war over influence in Korea.

Even though throughout the 1700's China's imperial system flourished under Qing or Manchu dynasty, by the late 1600's it was experiencing serious strains. The problems included an expanding
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China searched for ways to adapt to the Western ways while attempting to preserve Chinese values and Chinese learning. The reformers and conservatives had great difficulty finding the right formula to make China strong enough to protect itself. Even in the ;ate 1800's China is unsuccessful. During the Qing dynasty of the Manchus the males cut off the long braid they had been forced to wear as a symbol of revolution. They wore them as a sign of submission to the authority of the Manchus.

In the late 19th century China finds a traditional power relationship with Japan. China was greatly impresses by Japan's defeat of Russia, a Western power; additional reform efforts follow in China and the examination system, which linked the Chinese Confucian educational system to the civil service, is abolished in 1906.

After the fall of the Qing dynasty military leaders "warlords" stepped up. They controlled different regions of the country and competed for domination. The terms of the Versailles Peace Treaty at the end of WWI, enraged the Chinese by recognizing Japanese claims of former German rights. This led to the "May 4th Movement" to reform Chinese culture throughout the adoption of Western Science and Democracy. However, the Confucian system was discredited and rejected by those who felt it did not provide China with the strength it needed to meet the challenges of the
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