Jap A Long History Of Military Action And Wars

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Japan has a long history of military action and wars against many countries. Japan did not want to end up like many other countries that were poor and not at the head of the economic imperialistic edge.
In the early 19th century China was in large part of Japans history. China was looked at by Japan, as a great power and Japan wanted the power. The West was part of Japans history also. Japan wanted to be a great power similar to the Western countries. Japan wanted people in their countries to stay away from all Western countries. They did not the influence of other countries to change what Japan had in support from country members.
There was an incident in the late 1800’s that caused the United States to look at Japan in a different way. Commodore Matthew C. Perry from the United States Navy took his ship into Japan’s Tokyo Bay. Japan did not look at this as something good to have this happen. Japan told Perry to leave. Perry decided not to listen to Japan and stayed. Japans ships surrounded the U.S. ship. In the dangerous moment there were terms set and made. The terms turned out to have a treaty. The treaty opened some trading areas that the United States did not have. At the time the United States had much better technology and this was one point that kept the United States ahead of Japan. Japan did not like this advantage and wanted a bigger advantage for the future.
The Advantage that the United States had started the Japanese moving forward and fast. Japan always

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