Imperialism Relations Essay

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Imperialism relations are also decided by force today, and the Europeans, the Americans and others have to constantly defend their peace-loving community. Every state sees itself threatened by the others, and each claims that it only defends itself against the others. If it were true that all states are merely defending themselves, then they would be able to leave each other alone. The rights which one state ascribes to itself against another state are defended. This is an important point: the interests that states have in each other brings the states into conflict with each other not the desire to be left alone. So one has to explain how a conflict exists in ordinary buying and selling, and it is insufficient to explain the conflict between states by resorting to images from the past. It is true that the Spanish stole the Mayans' gold, that colonialism was a form of robbery. Someone who accuses today's governments of robbery actually accuses them of engaging in conflicts that do not fit the world …show more content…

Therefore, each state's basis of existence is always too small. Now here is the reason why states always turn to the outside world: the growth that the state promotes has a border in the reach of its own power. The state always promotes growth policies, but the country's borders then present a limited market, a limited availability of raw materials and resources, a limited potential labor force; The power that licenses capital, which creates the economic system in the first place, is itself a limit to its growth within its limited range. Under capitalist states, a relationship of mutual recognition comes into existence so that one state can use the other, because the other state calculates the same way, only vice versa. Two states pay their mutual respects and engage in civilized relations because what they want is totally

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