Imperialism as a Source of Many Conflicts throughout History

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Imperialism a source of most if not all conflicts throughout history. No matter the century or time period, the start of all wars, battles, and conflicts all draw their roots back to imperialism. Imperialism have had great impacts on nations and brought many changes to societies and their cultures. It has impacted on people lives and how they live. It has affected our societies to this day and shaped or helped create foundations for our countries and cultures that we have today. Imperialism began probably since humans could think and reasons, as the population of certain tribe, village, country, or colony increased then the people would try to imperialize other region and territories for their benefits. The new territory could provide with more resources and materials such as food and animals meat, gold for money and wood and trees to provide lumber for housing and buildings. The new imperialism started during the medieval ages from around the 15th and 16th centuries. The new imperialism was not used as source of survival but to gain domination and power over everything and everyone around the world. During the 19th, the new imperialism changed the world drastically. Europeans established empires across the world. European nations were motivated by political needs that were associated with building empire’s national greatness and cultural diffusion. There expansion policy was aggressive. They wanted to promote the superiority of western society over a slow progressive

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