Implementation Of A Project Plan

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Once a project has been approved, the next step in the project process is to develop a plan. A project plan provides a strategy in which an endeavor will progress and outlines the complete events essential to complete a project. The process also presents an outline for monitoring functions and milestones to track progress. A high level project plan must be developed in order to effectively outline the necessary activities, monitoring, and strategy in order for a project to be successful Efficiency The hospital listed in the scenario, Provincial Hospital, is the main provider of care within the district it services. The district is one of the more densely populated area in South Africa with significant educational, financial, and infrastructure issues (Deen, & Balkaran, 2013). The hospital also contains the clinic services of the area which has an ineffective system to provide treatment to the sick or injured. Currently, a patient needs to wait for a letter of referral before seeking treatment at the clinic (Deen, & Balkaran, 2013). Once the letter is received, a patient may wait up to eight hours before being treated in the clinic and have to endure a lengthy process with long wait times before being seen by a healthcare professional (Deen, & Balkaran, 2013). The current system is taxing to people seeking medical treatment and expose patients to potential infectious circumstances because of the delays in the process. The current system is inefficient and is not meeting the
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