Implementation Of An Organization For Implementation

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Implementation Outcomes. The degree of implementation is crucial to success. Putting new policies and procedures into effect does not carry change. Process and performance implementation is necessary as well. Implementation drivers come into play to identify existing supports for needed revisions or removal, identify new areas of needed support, and identify strong areas of support. The implementation driver assessments ask specific questions to derive the readiness of the organization for implementation. This is a crucial step in defining procedures and structures, which may unknowingly support old systems, so that transformative changes may occur (Easterling & Metz, 2016, p.108). The three types of implementation drivers in place in Kentucky are competency, organization, and leadership. These drivers work together. Organizational drivers help with improvement at organizational and system levels. Competency drivers help improve practitioners’ competence and create sustainability in practice. Leadership drivers help leaders to utilize the best leadership strategies for the need.

State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG)
The KDE has a SPDG with two focus areas. Within the first focus area, there are three initiatives for teachers of students with low incidence disabilities. The disabilities included in these three initiatives are Functional Mental Disability, Autism, and Multiple Disabilities. The three initiatives are College and Career Ready for the 1 percent,
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