Implementation of SMT Concept in Intel Processor Essay

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The main idea of this article is “implementation of SMT concept in Intel processor” which is based on efficient use of limited amount of processor resources such that at OS and software level it is seems just like multiple processors are running multiple processes. It is less costly and more efficient. Sharing policy is also playing an important role in performance improvement. Background: In order to improve processor performance following traditional approaches like higher clock speeds, instruction-level parallelism, and cache hierarchies were used. But now thread-level parallelism is also taken into consideration. Higher clock speed: Achieve by microarchitecture pipelining to finer granularities known as superpipelining. Large number of …show more content…

Hyperthreading technology architecture: Hyperthreading technology makes a single physical processor appear to be multiple logical processors at OS level. From a microarchitecture perspective, it means that instructions will persist and execute simultaneously on shared execution resources. Die size and complexity: Hyperthreading technology is resource efficient and deliver a large performance improvement at minimal cost because it entails only a small increase in die size (is due to a second architectural state, additional control logic, and replication of a few key processor resources) due to limited replication of physical processor resources. Microarchitecture choices and tradeoffs: To share resources, we chose among possible sharing schemes that included • partition • threshold • full sharing Partition: In a partitioned resource, each logical processor can use only half the entries. Resource partitioning is simple and low complex. It works best for the major pipeline queues in the in order pipeline. Threshold: Another way of sharing resources is to limit the maximum resource usage. This scheme puts a threshold on the number of resource entries a logical processor can have. Full sharing: The most flexible mechanism for resource sharing, do not limit the maximum

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