Implementation of the Gifted and Talented Program Essay

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Implementation of the Gifted and Talented program is headed by Stephanie Cantu. She requires rigorous standards to be met by teachers, students, and parents. If a parent fails to meet a deadline or sign paperwork their student will not qualify for testing that academic year. Testing will be done the following year if the next grade level teacher nominates that student. Students, if accepted into the Gifted and Talented program, will remain in the program unless their grades fail to meet expectations, they exit or request a furlough.. Teachers start the screening process by sending a nomination to the selection committee where the decision is made. The selection committee, based upon the nomination, will proceed with the process or …show more content…

The rigorous expectations are indicative to the student upholding his or her commitment to the program. Parents are required to meet with the campus coordinator to educate themselves with their responsibilities to the program. At the elementary level parents are responsible for providing foundational support for their student to excel in the program. As a principal I find the limitations to this program are within the scope and sequence. Although separated by grade level, there is no in-depth research of a subject. Critical thinking is not of the highest level; critical thinking is that of evaluation and not of creating. Another concern is that the scope and sequence is not detail and concise with project and research expectations. The way the current scope and sequence is written it leaves the teacher with the understanding that projects are optional and can be completed at any Bloom's level. I argue that if a student is nominated and invited to be in the Gifted and Talented Program their work needs to exceed that of their peers. Class work as well as research projects must meet a higher Depth of Knowledge (DOK). A strength of this program that I see as principal is the service design. Services to students vary from in class to summer youth camps. Community volunteer projects have become extremely popular with both parents and the students. Such as the school garage sale, park cleanup, and a campus recycling project. These activities have proven to be the

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