Implementing A Job Rotation Program Within An Organization And The Advantages Gained By The Employees And Employer

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Zachary Golden
Final Paper Outline

Abstract The focus of this study is the benefits gained by implementing a job rotation program within an organization and the advantages gained by the employees and employer. There are four key areas that can be affect by job rotation:orienting new employees, training employees, enhancing career development and preventing job boredom. In this study, I propose that incorporating a well planned job rotation schedule not only improves the productivity of an organization, but also increases the overall job satisfaction of employees.

Organizational Description Job rotation is an approach to employee development, where a person is developed through a scheduled rotation through tasks in order give the widest exposure to the entire operation. It is also practiced, so that qualified employees are provided more insight into a company 's processes, and to reduce employee burnout and increase job satisfaction through varying work to provide new challenges. At the most senior levels, job rotation or management rotation, is closely linked with developing specific people to step into an existing job. In this situation the goal is to provide learning experiences and position prospective managers in area that allow them assume a higher level position in the future. While this practice is important to the growth of management in a business, this study will focus primarily on the rotation of junior management and workers. Job rotation involves the

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