Implementing A Performance Management Communication

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Implementing a Performance Management Communication An effect communication plan is a critical part of performance management. Performance management affects everyone in the organization. It helps employees understand how they are contributing to the organizations goals, what is expected of them, how they are doing, and how they can continue to grow, develop, and add value to the business (Duggan, n.d.). The communication plan describes what the organization wants to accomplish based on the information they provide their employees such as, the objectives and outcomes identified. The communication plan should outline individual responsibilities for everyone that is involved in the performance process. In addition, the communication plan acts as a tool to ensure that everyone has the right information in a timely manner (Duggan, n.d.). Therefore, effectively communicating a performance management plan will ensure that all participants have a clear and complete message, while ensuring that feedback is incorporated into the message (Todericiu, Muscalu, & Fraticiu, 2012).
Communication Plan An effective communication plan should address the following questions for all employees within the organization. Without an effective plan, the organization can suffer from misunderstandings, lack of information, decrease in performance, and suffer from increased employee turnover.
What is Performance Management? Every employee within the organization should understand what

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