Implementing Health Habits Essay

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Pablo Neruda, a Chilean Poet mention: “Where does the rainbow end, in your soul or on the horizon?” Whenever I read this quote I think optimism; if you’re optimistic many doors will open. Well you may be tasking yourself what does being optimistic has to do with your health? A study made in 1990’s, in Finland, with two groups of 1,250 healthy man (one group was pessimistic and the other group was optimistic), in a time frame of ten years; reveal that the group who were pessimistic, two thirds of them die, and the rest of the group had suffer from cancer or heart attacks. I don’t have the best health in the world, but by being pessimistic I am only going to make things worse for me that could led to a premature death. So my first healthy habit is being optimistic.
They say that what you eat impact a lot in your health, that’s why I eat fish once a week; which make this my second good health habit. Fish are not only have a good amount of oils which helps you in various ways, including your hair and skin; and also easy to disgust and you don’t have that extra weight in your stomach.
A doctor at the American Sleep Disorders Association mentioned “sleep is more important than what we eat. Is more important than exercise. Sleep regulates hormones, emotions, and immune system.” For this reason sleeping is my third good habit. I try to sleep about eight to ten hours each day, and between the day I try have some naps.
Horseback riding is my fourth good health habit. The Toronto…