Pablo Neruda Research Paper

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Pablo Neruda, a Chilean Poet mention: “Where does the rainbow end, in your soul or on the horizon?” Whenever I read this quote I think optimism; if you’re optimistic many doors will open. Well you may be tasking yourself what does being optimistic has to do with your health? A study made in 1990’s, in Finland, with two groups of 1,250 healthy man (one group was pessimistic and the other group was optimistic), in a time frame of ten years; reveal that the group who were pessimistic, two thirds of them die, and the rest of the group had suffer from cancer or heart attacks. I don’t have the best health in the world, but by being pessimistic I am only going to make things worse for me that could led to a premature death. So my first healthy …show more content…

For some people it may not seem bad to drink a coke while we eat: but in a day theirs three meals, and if you times three time seven you will get twenty-one cokes in a week. Twenty-one coke in a week, that’s too much! As a result of drinking too much coke makes me more obsessed and helps promote diabetes.
My second bad health habit is lack of drinking water. Doctor Howard Flaks mentioned that for a healthy person the minimum of water they should consumed is eight to ten cups of water. It is sad to admit that I don’t even drink three cups of water. With this nonsense of mine, I am just harming myself. The lack of water contributes to having more frequent headache, joint ache, and dryness of eyes.
Getting a certain amount of sunlight is good for your health, but when you get too much hours of sunlight it stops being so health for you. For my third bad health habit is that I spend too much time outside with direct sunlight and no sun cream nor protection. Is my passion being outside especially in the summer, I can spend hours and hours outside without even noticing it. The sad part is that I am allergic to direct run light; if I spend about an hour outside with direct run light I will start to get this type black spots in body. I have special medications and creams that I have use, but the problem is that I always forget about them.
Procrastination, is one of the qualities that most college students share.

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